Lantern LED Clamplight

4.5333333333333 stars out of 5
Product Discontinued
Currently not available for purchase
  • LANTERN & FLASHLIGHT: 230 Lumen LED lantern & 100 lumen LED flashlight

  • 4 MODES: High / Low / Strobe / Flashlight

  • WEATHER RESISTANT: IPX4 Splash Protection from all angles for up to 5 minutes of waterpressure at 80-100 kN/m2

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Hand-held, clamps, stands, & hangs

  • FUEL GAUGE: High - low battery indicator lights

  • DURABLE: Built rugged with a non-slip coating and 6-foot drop rating

  • BATTERIES: Uses 3xAAA Batteries (not included)



California residents:
Warning: California Prop 65WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm - See for more information.

Product Description

The Blackfire Clamplight Lantern puts light exactly where you need it while camping. Able to clamp to branches, tents, backpacks, boats, and much more, this unique lantern design clamps to a variety of gear and more without getting in the way. Great for campouts, night fishing, backyard barbeques, workspaces, and more, the Clamplight features a tilting head so you can put the light exactly where you need it. Head tilts, allowing you to use it like a flashlight! Built-in clamp also locks open to act as a stable lantern stand, thanks to a sliding lock feature and swiveling non-skid feet.

230 lumens, 6 foot drop rated, IPX4, flashlight, hang handle, lantern, fuel guage, secure clamping

Product Reviews

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Overall Rating
4.5333333333333 stars out of 5
4.5 out of 5 stars
Aug 31, 2020

Useful product. Lantern is sufficient, flash light is very bright. The fuel gauge drains the battery so as soon as you are done with it for the moment, you have to unscrew the battery cover, remove one of the batteries for a second replace the battery and close the cover, otherwise, next time you need it, the batteries will be dead!

Aug 19, 2020
A Kim

Not exactly pocketable but in return offer the versatility of bright flashlight for distance and area lighting of lantern. It can be clamped on a branch or tent roof or if you want lantern light on ground the clamp can be held in open position for flat ground placement.

Once you insert 3 AA batteries (battery compartment held in place with screw easily openable with coin), first click of switch will turn on low power lamp. Second click will be high power lamp. Third click will be emergency strobe lamp (not in flashlight). Fourth click will turn on bright flashlight. Fifth click of switch will turn off the light.

Angle of flashlight/lamp can be adjusted.

Can be handheld like flashlight or use built-in lantern handle as needed.

Probably not a good idea if you drop it.

Very pleased with this purchase

Aug 19, 2020
Kindle Customer

I have used this lamp on and off, about once a week for about 30 minutes for the past few months and the batteries are still holding strong. So versatile as well. Also, its fantastically bright.

Aug 19, 2020
A.D. Ter Steege

I use this Lantern under my awning and in my tent and all my jobs at home. It has a long battery life and enough light to do your jobs

Aug 19, 2020
Darrell Joppy

Me and my grandson have one each in our backpack for when we go fishing at night and they work great in every way possible

Aug 19, 2020
Whalen Condry

Overall a good lamp that's easy to use while camping. Stand is a little unsteady, but otherwise a good value

Aug 19, 2020
Kevin L

A real handy light to have around the house. It's a lot brighter than I anticipated. It has a small flashing LED light to aid in locating the lantern in the dark.

I'm not sure how much battery drain this LED light is responsible for but I just may order a second light.

Aug 19, 2020
Thomas Gauther

Use this for camping. Great to clip on table or in tent. And can be used as a flashlight too

Aug 19, 2020
Shirlene W. Hawks

You will seriously wish you had two. They are bright, light-weight, and so functional. The beam in the front lights the path, then easily change it to the lantern style and set in on a flat surface to see your area brightly.

Aug 19, 2020

This light is not small, but it is flexible and great for Fishing (My use) whether on bank or boat. Through it in the water and let it float around for a half hour, salt water by the way and no ill effects, a few fish and crabs came by to investigate. Good product, I recommend......

Aug 19, 2020

The blackfire lantern/flashlight combines the best uses of a clamp and hook. The texture is a rubberized matte finish which is helpful for outdoor rain or moisture. The adjustable portion is the light itself which can move 180 degrees; this helps when clamping the lantern to an edge. When locking the clamp open, the adjustable green clips stand the lantern upright perfect for being set in the middle of the room/table/etc. The hook that carries the lantern locks into place when using it as a flashlight or in a rest position. Otherwise it upclips off and you are able to hand the lantern from anything. There are 3 indicator lights for the battery prompting green for in use, yellow for running low, and red for battery replacement. When the light is not in use, I have noticed that the green indicator blinks every so often. The light modes are bright, brighter, strobe, and flashlight. It is an LED light which give the light a really bright glow. It takes 3 AA batteries. The compartment for the batteries are screwed open/closed.

I recommend this product if in case of emergencies, outdoor recreation, camping, and whenever light is needed. It is a very versatile lantern/flashlight that has many everyday uses. It is handy and not too big/too small.

Aug 19, 2020
Socal Tyger

Works great as a flashlight. As a lantern, it could be brighter. Batteries last forever tho!

- super bright flashlight
- using rechargeable batteries last forever
- useful clamp and latch

- lantern at brightest setting could still be brighter

Aug 19, 2020

This thing is just flat out cool. The other reviews mentioned that the battery indicator light stays on. I does stay on but has minimal impact to the battery life. I took used batteries out of an old mag light, used this light for a long camping weekend, and now it’s sitting in the garage. Batteries have remained charged and no problems

Aug 19, 2020

I purchased the Blackfire clamping lantern for my husband's birthday. He hasn't stopped talking about how much he loves this lantern. First off, the lantern functions as a handheld flashlight with two settings, high and low. The high setting gives out 260 lumens which makes it seem more like a spotlight. The low setting comes in around 100 lumens, still incredibly bright. My husband uses it in the garage when he's working on his projects and out hunting/camping with the kids. It clamps to nearly anything. Our power went out recently. We grabbed the lantern. We clamped it to the chandelier over the kitchen table and put it on lantern mode. The entire room was lighted from this lantern alone!! This clamping lantern is really incredible.

Aug 26, 2019
The Outdoorsman

This lantern really brings alot to the table in terms of functionality. Between the variety of mounting functions and the option to switch between area light and flashlight, I have been really impressed.

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